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A new focus at Valley Health Clinic

A new focus on sports acupuncture at Valley Health Clinic in Albany, Oregon

I’m excited to announce a brand-new look to our website. I hope you’ll find it easier to get around and learn more about what we do.

Plus, you’ll see a new focus on serving athletes of all levels. It’s long been a passion of mine to help people achieve their best in whatever sport they choose, and I’ll be looking forward to working with more of them.

We offer individualized programs for athletes with nagging injuries who might feel like their performance level has been permanently reduced. For most people, I’m happy to show them it’s not true.

I also love working with sports teams, especially young people, and we’re dedicating a page to our agility training programs designed to help those young athletes perform at their peak level while avoiding injury.

Please take a look around and let me know what you think. If you are or know someone suffering from an injury that has impacted their game, get in touch. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Willard Sheppy

Willard Sheppy Dipl. OM, LAc, BS at Valley Health Clinic in Albany Oregon

Will Sheppy

220 SW 5th Ave SW

Albany, OR 9732

Cell: (541) 760-9670




BS, Oregon State University, June 2003 Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, Sep 2009

Environmental Science Major, Botany Minor Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

License and Certifications:

NCCAOM: Diplomate in Oriental Medicine, 116700 

Oregon Medical Board License, AC105425

Acupuncture Sports Medicine Whitfield Reaves Apprenticeship

USA Taekwondo Athletes Acceleration

Certified Associate Coach Certified, Speed & Agility Coach

Ling Gui International Healing Qigong, One Thousand Hands Buddha

Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist Certified, National Acupuncture Detoxification Association


Acupuncturist & Owner / Valley Health Clinic 3’12 – Current

  • Provide Care for an average of 12 patients a day

  • Works cooperatively with multiple ND, LMT, DC, and PT

  • Studied Orthopedic Sports Acupuncture with the best teachers in the field

  • Certified Speed and Agility Coach

  • Worked with the IAAF 2016 World Indoor Championships Medical Support Team

  • Observation at Taipei City Hospital, Traumatology Department with Julian La

Acupuncturist/ Albany Acupuncture Clinic 10’09 – 3’12

  • Specialize in pain management, using meridian therapy, balance method, auricular acupuncture and trigger point acupressure.

  • Implemented active Saturday Community Clinic and website

  • Manage Herbal Dispensary

Instructor/ Shin’s Martial Arts Portland Oregon 1’08 – 9′ 09

  • Studied martial arts under Grand Master Shin since October 1991

  • Founded the Portland branch of Shin’s Martial Arts

  • Teaches both traditional self-defense and Olympic sports styles (WTF)

  • Educate students about health Ki Gong and Sun Ki Do theory  

Program Coordinator/ Linn-Benton Mediation Services 10 ’03 – 6’06

  • Provide problem-solving small claims, victim-offender, and community mediation for Linn and Benton Counties

  • Develop and deliver conflict management training for youth and adults

  • Conduct volunteer recruitment, training, and involvement

  • Received Lee Mun Wah’s 10-hour Mindful Facilitation Training

Faculty Research Assistant/ Oregon State University 9‘02 – 9‘03

  • Managed genetic screening project corresponding with multiple experiments

  • Provided faculty with research support

  • Maintained lab and greenhouse research facilities


Volunteer Experience

City of Albany Parks and Recreation Commission

City of Albany Traffic Safety Commission

Student Council / Oregon College of Oriental Medicine: 2006-2009

Team Liberation / Oregon State University: 2001-2006

Community Alliance for Diversity: 2003-2005

Judicial Board / Oregon State University: 2001-2003

About the Author
Author Willard Sheppy Exporing the CoastWillard Sheppy is a writer and healthcare practitioner who seamlessly melds scientific knowledge with practical applications in engaging and authoritative articles. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from Oregon State University and a Master’s in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the distinguished Oregon College of Oriental Medicine.
In his work, Willard skillfully combines his extensive educational background in scientific research with his practical experience as a healthcare practitioner. Willard balances his life with martial arts and cherished family adventures. As a father of three, he often leads his family on camping and hiking trips along the breathtaking Oregon coast.
Connect with Willard on LinkedIn at or learn more about his services at Embark on this journey towards holistic health with Willard guiding your way.