Patting for Chronic Pain Relief

Patting for Chronic Pain

Living with chronic pain and fatigue often means seeking various therapies to find relief, and introducing patting into your routine emerges as a valuable self-help strategy. Incorporating this simple practice can activate and invigorate your body, promoting improved blood circulation and heightened proprioception. Engage with patting as a proactive step towards alleviating your chronic discomfort, enhancing relaxation, and improving your overall sense of well-bein

The Healing Power of Patting

Patting provides a gentle yet effective way to stimulate blood flow, crucial for those battling chronic pain and fatigue. This practice not only fosters relaxation but also serves as an agent for tension release. Engaging in patting regularly can pave the way for enhanced energy levels and provide much-needed relief from pain.

What Does Patting Look Like?

During patting exercises, you may notice slight redness on your skin’s surface, a normal and healthy response indicating increased blood circulation. The practice encourages the release of histamines that cause both vasodilation and vasoconstriction, helping to improve blood flow on a micro-level without triggering large-scale inflammatory responses.

How to Pat?

Step 1: Prepare Your Body

  • Begin your workout with a light warm up and prepare your body.
  • Engage in 1-2 minutes of low-impact exercise, such as shaking.

 Step 2: Patting Procedure

  • Observe the principle: “front goes up and the back goes down”.
  • Methodically pat upwards from toes to chest, then from chest to hands. Proceed to move downwards from hands to back, and finally from back to toes.
  • Synchronize your breathing with the patting movements: inhale as you pat towards the chest and exhale as you move away.
Patting Acupuncture Channels

Step 3: Face Massage

To enhance sinus circulation, initiate a gentle face massage.

  • Start by washing your face. Then, gently rub your palms upwards and downwards across the front of your face.
  • Position some fingers in front of and others behind your ears, massaging the sides of your head.
  • Progress by running hands through your hair, easing tension, followed by a neck massage by clasping hands behind the head and moving sideways.

 Step 4: Breath Control

  • During the face massage, hold your breath until experience mild contractions, then exhale.
  • Engage in the patting and rubbing cycle again, directing focus on the mouth, nose, and ears this time.
  • Holding breath enhances levels of CO2 and other gases in the blood, akin to exercising effects, facilitating the opening of blood vessels to hands and feet.

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