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Power Patch Combo

Power Patch Combo: Your Ultimate Pain Relief Solution for Active Days & Restful Nights
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Power Patch Combo

Experience dual-action relief with our combination of Evil Bone Water and Muscle Melt Patches. This dynamic duo promises round-the-Clock relief, combining the fast-acting power of Evil Bone Water with the long-lasting effects of Muscle Melt Patches.

Use Evil Bone Water for instant relief during your busy day, then switch to Dragontree Muscle Melt Patches at night for consistent relief. This integrated approach combines the best of both products, offering a powerful, convenient solution for comprehensive pain management.

Evil Bone Water, our leading herbal liniment, offers quick absorption for instant pain relief, allowing you to stay active all day. Its affordable pricing and adjustable application system mean you control your level of relief to suit your needs.

Complementing the liniment, our Dragontree Muscle Melt Patches provide sustained relief through the controlled release of active ingredients. They’re easy to use, discreet, and deliver targeted relief right where you need it without any mess. Plus, they offer improved proprioceptive feedback, similar to Kinesio taping.

What You Get:

  • One package of Muscle Melt contains four larger-sized patches measuring 4.3″ x 6″, Our mess-free, long-lasting patches are infused with 17 potent botanicals, providing targeted, soothing comfort for a life without limits.
  • One 3.4oz bottle of Evil Bone Water, a powerful tonic that helps relieve joint pain and stiffness and promotes healthy aging. Made with a unique blend of traditional Chinese herbs. Evil Bone Water is a cooling tonic that can help reduce inflammation and soothe the joints, providing a cool sensation.

Whether it’s the instant relief of Evil Bone Water you need during a busy day or the steady, long-lasting relief provided by Muscle Melt Patches for restful nights, our dynamic duo has you covered. Empower yourself with this all-in-one pain management solution, crafted with the best of nature’s healing potency. Start your journey toward better mobility and improved quality of life — make the Power Patch Combo your go-to companion for a life free from limits.

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