New patient? Get ready for your first visit

Before you come to see our practitioners at Valley Health Clinic for the first time, please take a moment to complete our Pre-Treatment Patient Form. You will only have to do this once. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at (541) 760-9670.

Injury Prevention & Healing

Our practitioners share natural, actionable tips to help you get and stay well along with deeper dives into injury recovery and prevention. It is our way to care for you between visits.

Learn more about Dynamic Stretching and how your workout can benefit from it

Dynamic Stretching

Dynamic stretching means slow, controlled movements rather than remaining still and holding a stretch. They include simple movements like arm circles and hip rotations, flowing

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Recovery and Performance with Sports Acupuncture

All athletes experience injuries. However, some struggle to recover from injuries that become chronic and makes them even more prone to new injuries. We offer individualized programs for athletes with nagging injuries who might feel like their performance level has been permanently reduced. For most people, we’re happy to show them it’s not true.