Pain Power Combo: Corydalis and Evil Bone Water

Save with our Pain Power Combo of Evil Bone Water and Corydalis Relief Stick

Searching for a holistic solution to manage persistent pain? Look no further than our revolutionary Pain Relief Power Combo featuring Corydalis Relief Salve and Evil Bone Water. Acting as the perfect Yin and Yang for pain management, these two products offer fast-acting relief followed by prolonged comfort. Whether you’re grappling with acute or chronic pain, these two potent ointments work synergistically to deliver ultimate relief. Read on to learn how to apply them effectively, their unique benefits, and why they are your go-to options for combating discomfort.

Why Choose the Pain Power Combo?

You’ve likely heard the phrase “two heads are better than one.” Well, the same logic applies here. Corydalis Relief Salve and Evil Bone Water work like the Yin and Yang of pain relief, each offering unique benefits that complement each other perfectly.

Evil Bone Water

It acts quickly to open up your pores for rapid absorption, giving you immediate relief. The natural menthol and camphor stimulate your skin, and its natural compounds accelerate blood flow to speed up healing and decrease inflammation.

Corydalis Relief Salve

This salve takes the baton from Evil Bone Water and runs with it, offering longer-lasting relief. It soothes the skin, allowing the salve’s natural pain-relieving compounds to kick in gradually, thanks to its coconut oil, Shea Butter, and beeswax base.

The result? A powerful, comprehensive approach to pain relief that targets different aspects of your discomfort and helps you feel better for longer.

How to Apply Them Together for Maximum Effect

The magic lies in the sequence. First, apply Evil Bone Water to the affected area. Its alcohol base makes your skin more permeable, allowing for quick absorption. Wait a few minutes for the skin to absorb it fully. Next, layer on Corydalis Relief Salve. The salve penetrates deep into the skin, providing extended relief for up to 2-3 hours longer than using either product alone.

By combining the two, you unlock the full potential of each product, reaping all their individual benefits in one powerful, long-lasting treatment. 

What Makes Them So Effective? The Science Explained

Let’s break down the science behind these two incredible products:

Sensory Neurons and Pain Perception

Our skin contains specialized nerve cells that help us perceive pain. These cells have “gates” that control our pain signals, which can be influenced by substances like histamine, produced within the skin, and by signals from the brain and brain stem.

The Role of Ginsenosides in Evil Bone Water

Evil Bone Water contains “San Qi,” a key ingredient derived from Panax notoginseng that has been used safely in traditional medicine for centuries. It contains ginsenosides, which are compounds known to block specific pain receptors and reduce inflammation, providing quick relief.

The Alkaloids in Corydalis Salve

Yan Huo Sui (often referred to as Corydalis ) contains powerful compounds like Dehydrocorydaline that interact with Dopamine and Opiate receptors in our nervous system. This interaction relieves pain without causing addiction, thanks to its targeted approach to specific Dopamine receptors. Plus, Corydalis is rich in berberine, another compound that helps reduce inflammation.

Why Wait? Get Relief Now!

Pain shouldn’t dictate your life. With the Pain Power Combo of Corydalis Salve and Evil Bone Water, you can seize control and experience relief like never before. Don’t miss out on the chance to revolutionize your approach to pain management. 

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