How To Use Red Emperor’s Immortal Flame

Red Emperor's Immortal Flame

Ever wondered about the best way to apply topical treatments like Red Emperor’s Immortal Flame? The secret lies in understanding the skin’s surface. 

How The Skin Work?

Our skin has an outer layer called the Stratum Corneum. Think of it as a protective drawbridge that decides what gets absorbed and what doesn’t.

The Stratum Corneum is more than just a barrier. Comprising about 15 layers of dead cells, it’s divided into two parts: the disjunction and the compactum.


  • The outer section, called the “disjunctum”, consists of 2-5 layers that easily shed.


  • The inner section, known as the “compactum”, holds cells that adhere tightly within a gel-like substance. 

For effective topical applications, the aim is to gently open the skin for a short time to allow products like Red Emperor’s Immortal Flame to be absorbed.

Stratum Disjunctum

This is the skin’s outer subsection and consists of the top 2-5 layers. These corneocytes are loosely packed, allowing them to shed or desquamate naturally and regularly. This shedding process is vital as it removes damaged or aged cells and makes way for newer ones, keeping the skin’s surface smooth and refreshed.

 Stratum Compactum

Delving deeper, the underlying layers form the compactum. These corneocytes adhere more tightly to each other, forming a robust and resilient barrier. Their adherence is attributed to a lipid matrix—a gel-like substance rich in ceramides, cholesterol, and fatty acids. This matrix acts like mortar, binding the corneocytes (akin to bricks) together, ensuring the skin’s integrity and minimizing water loss.

Topical Applications

For products to penetrate the skin effectively, they must navigate the challenges posed by the Stratum Corneum. The Stratum Corneum’s dense structure ensures harmful entities like pathogens and allergens remain out.

However, this also means beneficial substances, such as the active ingredients in topical treatments, face resistance.

Given this protective nature, the key to effective topical application lies in temporarily making the Stratum Corneum more permeable. Techniques to achieve this include physical methods (like micro-needling or exfoliation) and chemical methods (using ingredients that disrupt the lipid matrix or enhance permeability).

Heat and Moisture

Two key methods can be used to enhance permeability are heat and moisture.

 The Power of Heat

Heating the skin makes it more receptive. For every 12°F increase in skin temperature, the permeability of this layer nearly doubles. This change happens because heat transforms the gel-state substances in the SC to a liquid form. In simple terms, heat makes it easier for products to penetrate the skin.

The Power of Moisture

Hydrating the skin aids absorption. When water is introduced, it loosens the tightly packed cells of this layer. Furthermore, elements like oleic acid, found in the organic olive oil of Red Emperor’s Immortal Flame, disrupt these cells, making absorption smoother. This is why the oil-based liniment version penetrates faster than the salve. The salve, on the other hand, has a time-release effect due to beeswax, which locks in moisture

For fast-acting quick-release heat, we recommend using the liniment.
For less intense heat and slow release, we recommend using the salve.

For Best Results

Exfoliation is Key

Before applying, exfoliate the area using a dry loofah sponge or paper towel to shed off the outermost skin cells.

Warmth Works Wonders

Shower or bathe with hot water. This not only cleanses the skin but also makes it receptive to Red Emperor’s Immortal Flame.
Knowledge is power. By understanding the basics of skin absorption and harnessing the potency of products like Red Emperor’s Immortal Flame, you can ensure effective results. So, the next time you reach for your favorite topical remedy, remember these insights and make every application count!

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