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Fu Medicinals brings the power of ancient Chinese Kung Fu healing traditions to the modern world with their range of topical liniments designed to provide effective pain relief for a variety of injuries and pain-based conditions.

Hand-crafted in small batches in Oregon, these liniments are made using organic and locally-produced ingredients whenever possible, ensuring the highest quality.

What sets Fu Medicinals apart is their commitment to specific ailment targeting, following the principles of Chinese Medicine to address the root causes of pain.

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 We’ll explore their product offerings, from the PNW Dit Da Jiao Trauma Liniment to the Tendon Mending Jiao,and  Bone Spur Jiao,.  Additionally, we’ll delve FAQ, Ingredients that make Fu Medicinals’ liniments stand out, Learn about the maker and share some remarkable customer testimonials that attest to their effectiveness.

What is Fu Medicine

The Fu (pronounced foo) Medicinals topical liniments provide pain relief for a wide range of injuries and pain-based conditions.

These liniments are rooted in ancient recipes of the Chinese Kung Fu Martial Arts lineages. Each medicine is hand-crafted in small batches in Oregon, using organic and locally-produced ingredients whenever the option is there. We choose to use the highest-quality Chinese Medicinal Herbs which are crushed by hand with mortar and pestle prior to starting an infusion process. The herbs we utilize are sourced through importers and farmers in Oregon, the alcohol we use for jiao infusions is distilled by the base of Mount Hood,

What are Fu Medicinals Good For?

All of Fu Medicinal products are designed for specific ailments as opposed to a One-All topical that claims address all of your various pains. At Fu Medicinals, our goal is to follow the theories of Chinese Medicine according to the levels of damage to the body and bodily systems. When choosing a topical medicine for your own condition, it’s important to understand what is going on that is causing your pain in the first place. If your doctor has given you a diagnosis, then you’re already off to a good start. If not, read the descriptions of our products below and perhaps your complaints will match up with a solid choice.

PNW Dit Da Jiao Trauma Liniment by Fu Medicinals

PNW Dit Da Jiao Trauma Liniment

PNW Dit Da Jiao Trauma Liniment and Balm Dit Da Jiao (dit-dah-jow) is translated from Chinese as “Hit-Fall Wine” and has been a classic remedy in Kung Fu schools for centuries. The liniment is made from medicinal herbs that reduce inflammation and eliminate pain very quickly. This formula is called a “Pacific North West” Dit Da Jiao and is perfect for acute injuries, as well as flare-ups from older injuries. It removes swelling, moves stagnant blood, and relaxes tense tissues to aid in healing.

Red Blood Muscle Level

The significance of the Red Label on PNW Dit Da Jiao Trauma Liniment lies in its ability to target Acute Bruising at the Blood Muscle Level. It serving as a substitute for ice and is both warming and cooling at the same time. Think of a medicine that helps pump and flush old blood and toxins out while bringing in new and fresh blood and nutrients. Hong Hua is important as a blood mover. If it is an old injury, the go-to formula is Tendon mending

In the “Pacific North West” It is very cold and wet Dit Da Jiao uses Mugwart (Ai Ye) to help injuries that are aggravated by the cold and dampness. According to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, Mugwort typically grows near water, along streams or river banks in large patches.

You can often smell the sage-mint-like scent before you realize what it is. Mugwarts association with water and its strong smell. Help cut through and dispel dampness. Mugwort leaf has bitter, pungent and warm properties, and is associated with the Liver, Spleen and Kidney meridians. Its main functions are to warm the meridians and stop bleeding and to dispel cold and stop the pain.

Tendon Mending Jiao by Fu Medicinals

Tendon Mending Jiao

Tendon Mending Jiao This formula, is made to treat chronic tendon and ligament injury, such as tendonitis and ligament (joint) sprains. This formula has a reputation for relieving stubborn cases of tendonitis and it is best when applied to the problem area before and after activity. However, because this is a warming formula, it is recommended that you avoid use during the first 24-48 hours of a new injury.

Green Tendon Level

The Tendon Meding formula are represented in Green for the Wood. According to the Huang Di Nei Jing Su Wen (Yellow Emperor’s Internal Medicine Classic) Chapter 5, spring is related to the Wood Element, which has a resonance with the Liver, Gallbladder, the sinews, and tendons, If tendonitis or a ligament sprain is the diagnosis, then the Tendon Mending Jiao are both recommended

The key herb in Tendon Mending Jiao is Gu Sui Bu, which plays a crucial role in healing connective tissues. It possesses warming properties that promote improved blood circulation in the sinews, making it an essential component of this formula.

In traditional Chinese medicine, Drynaria is highly regarded as a pivotal herb for repairing damaged bones and ligaments. In fact, its Chinese name, Gu Sui Bu, translates to ‘mender of shattered bones.’

According to traditional Chinese medicine, Gu-Sui-Bu (Drynaria fortunei) has a well-documented reputation for enhancing bone healing. Some of its effects on bone cells may be attributed to its influence on osteoclast activities, as suggested by research.

It’s important to note that this formula is not suitable for acute conditions; it is most effective when used during the recovery phase, particularly for tendonitis or ligamentous sprains.

Bone Spur Jiao by Fu Medicinals

Bone Spur Jiao

Bone Spur Jiao has the reputation for working wonders with those suffering with boney growths which are sometimes called spurs. The premise behind this formula is that it works to dissipate the pain and inflammation caused by bone spurs, while providing medicinal herbs to the bone and surrounding tissues. Inflammation here is often the cause of further boney growth, so the idea is to reduce that inflammation of both the soft tissue and the bone itself, so the body can do its work preventing continued growth or perhaps dissolve some of the spur. This is a fantastic choice for reducing the pain and advancement of arthritis! This is a great formula for chronic joint pain due to the above mentioned complaints.

Blue Bone Level

Bone Spur Jiao is printed in blue ink because it is the color that represents the Water Element in Chinese Medical Theory, and the Water Element is responsible for complaints of the bony tissues.
If someone has a complaint of boney growth that is typically seen with osteoarthritis or bone spurs, I recommend the Bone Spur formulas.

the Bone spur formula is straight up for boney growths and the inflammation that usually precedes it, as seen with heel spurs. Gu Sui Bu is also a key ingrediant i. It is cooling and heating, for inflammation fighting and pain.

E Zhu (Curcumae Rhizoma) is strong, sharp and penetrating. It is a warrior on a search and destroy mission to root out and break up serious, chronic Blood and Qi stasis, palpable masses and hardnenings. Its pungent and bitter warmth reaches deep into the blood level to disperse, unblock and drain while its aroma promotes the flow of Qi.

Curcumae Rhizoma is good at treating the syndrome of food retention and accumulation of extravasated blood . It is effective in promoting blood circulation for alleviating pain and activating qi to resolve stagnation,

Most recent pharmacological researches on Curcumae Rhizoma laid emphasis on the anticancer effect particularly. Curcumae Rhizoma has been developed into a variety of formulations and used in clinical treatment.

Freqently Asked Questions

Liniments vs Salves which is best?

Are you unsure about which product to select?

Salves are solid combinations of oils and wax. They have a slower absorption rate and provide greater skin hydration. Liniments, on the other hand, have a lighter and more liquid texture, resulting in faster absorption and quicker action.

For Liniments, also known as Jiaos, the recommended application method involves gently massaging a small amount into the affected area, using either your fingertips or a cotton ball. Alternatively, some individuals prefer saturating a cotton ball or cotton wipe with the liniment and securing it over the injured area using medical or first aid tape. This approach ensures a continuous and deep absorption of the liniment into the skin, allowing for multiple applications throughout the day. Each application acts as a dose and is designed to penetrate quickly and deeply upon skin massage.

Our Balms offer user-friendly applications while maintaining the potency of the original liniments. If you enjoy massaging your injured areas, the balms might be an ideal choice for topical use. All balm formulas are crafted with organic, unrefined virgin coconut oil. In warmer climates, the balms may transform into an oil state, which is typically not an issue for most users.

However, when planning to carry the balms in your car or during travel, it’s worth considering. Additionally, the balms spread smoothly and don’t leave a greasy residue on the skin. Please note that occasional surface cracking may occur in the balms due to the coconut oil and wax combination at specific cooling temperatures, which is entirely normal.


Please note that these products may stain light-colored clothing. Also with all of these products, a little goes a long way!! All Fu Medicinals topicals carry a mild and pleasant scent but nothing that would bother most people, and in fact, most users of our products say that any scent dissolves within moments.

Fu Medicinals Allergens

If you have any concerns about severe allergens to specific medicinal herbs, we’d like to provide our customers with a full list of all of the different Chinese Herbs that we use in our “lab.

Our formulas share space and production equipment, so if you do have any known allergies to the following botanicals, we suggest refraining from using our products. Although we have never seen any adverse reactions from our products, such things are always possible with substances we may have never encountered before.

Ingredient List

We do not list our ingredients on our bottles, partly because they are proprietary blends, and also because many of our customers cannot read the directions on so many products in stores due to the print being so small! That said, if you need to know what herbs are in our bottles, it’s easiest to refer to the following,

John Ditmar Fu medicinals

About John Ditmars the Maker

Why did you start Fu Medicinals?

I started making the topicals for not only my own aches and pains, which as an athlete I tend to accumulate but also for my patients in my acupuncture practice, where I specialize in pain-based conditions.

How are Fu Medicinals Different?

Other products are out there, but I didn’t want to use any chemicals in my own formulas, and I wanted to stick within the realm of Chinese Medicinal Theory. I had tried a few brands that were in the clinics at my acupuncture schools and some that I could find on store shelves, but they weren’t what I was after. One thing I didn’t want is a super strong odor, which most topicals have. I also wasn’t seeking out the “tingling” or “burning” that many other topical medicines kick off. That sensation doesn’t necessarily mean that the product is working, but people are familiar with those tingles via products they’ve previously tried and as such might often expect it to be a sign that the topical is working. While some of the herbal constituents in Fu Medicinals may provide a tingle or burning sensation, we tend to use only the needed amount for the medicine to work on people’s conditions internally, since that is where the medicine needs to do its thing. That said, while camphor may be an important component to two of our formulas, by no means does its action dominate the recipes.

What results can I expect with Fu Medicinals?

In regards to specific results seen in my clinic and via feedback of Fu Medicinals customers who haven’t been my patient, the compliments have been massively positive. My private patients have come in with pains due to tendon, ligament, and boney growth issues and have found great relief with a combination of acupuncture and topicals. In my clinic, it’s often the case where a patient is “prescribed” a topical to use at home as part of her or his Treatment Plan in my clinic. Sometimes they get herbs to utilize internally, but the topicals are effective and easy for patients to comply by regularly using them on their own. Obviously, the Etsy retail store isn’t offering treatments nor medical advice, but the Etsy shop has thousands of happy customers and our large list of positive testimonials on our Etsy page speaks for itself!

I’m often surprised at the results that the topicals get. Never in my mind would I have expected them to work so well for so many people! I get emails and messages all the time, expressing gratitude for the products, which is the biggest reward of all.

How are Fu Medicinals better?

Fu Medicinals products stand out from others on the shelves for a few reasons. The first and main one is that our formulas are geared toward specific ailments. We don’t see brand options out there that do this unless we really do our research. Our Bone Spur Jiao and Balm are a fine examples of condition-specific targeting for this topical. If someone complains of boney growth that is typically seen with osteoarthritis or bone spurs, I recommend the Bone Spur formulas. If tendonitis or a ligament sprain is the diagnosis, then the Tendon Mending Jiao and Balm are both recommended.

One thing that I like to point out is that when you look at our topicals, we adhere to the theories of Chinese Medicine when offering the ideal product to someone for their pains. Each product’s label is color-coordinated to align with the level of injury according to the theories. For example, “Bone Spur Jiao” is printed in blue ink because it is the color that represents the Water Element in Chinese Medical Theory, and the Water Element is responsible for complaints of the bony tissues. The Tendon Meding formulas are represented in Green for the Wood, and so on. I wanted it like this to confirm that each recipe has its specific use- I prefer to avoid a “shotgun” approach to treating my clients’ conditions, where we could offer one topical for all pains.

That’s another place where Fu Medicinals might stand out above other topical options. We hear about how this or that product helps fight inflammation and pain, and that’s great. But what do these products do aside from reducing pain and inflammation? Do they help to heal the tissues that are unique to the painful complaint? That’s where we want to do a more focused job. So Fu Medicinals uses herb combinations that turn a shotgun-quality topical into specialized topicals.

Who should use Fu Medicinals?

I would recommend Fu Medicinals products to anyone who experiences painful conditions regardless of etiology, and the injuries may be acute or chronic. Our products have been used nationwide by professional healthcare providers, including Doctors and even the bodyworkers/acupuncturists for the New England Patriots and Portland Trailblazers.

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