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Evil Bone Water (EBW) is a product I use in my clinic all the time. It helps a lot of people all around the world find pain relief due to its powerful and all-natural healing benefits. Evil Bone Water is a memorable nickname for a powerful topical Chinese herbal liniment called Zheng Gu Shui, which translates into “bone-setting liquid.” It was developed by a Chinese Master Herbalist over 500 years ago and is used today to treat pain and trauma from backaches, arthritis, strains, bruises, sprains, and breaks.

I am answering some of the most frequently asked questions to provide valuable tips on the best way to use EBW so that you, too, can experience its robust healing properties.

What Are the Side Effects of Evil Bone Water?

Evil Bone Water is very safe and has few to no side effects. Use it after careful consideration and with the same respect and dedication you’d give to traditional medicines. Every ingredient used in EBW is evaluated and microscopically tested for proper variety, contaminants, and strength. Rest assured that Evil Bone Water from our clinic contains no animal products and is non-GMO, gluten-free, cruelty-free, pesticide-free, and contaminant free. Each herb is sustainably and ethically sourced. Everything that goes into the bottles comes from the finest ingredients on the planet.

Is Camphor in Evil Bone Water safe?

Is Camphor Safe?

Camphorated oil can be used with no risks when following the proper prescriptions. Camphor is a natural product derived from the wood of the camphor laurel (Cinnamomum camphor L.) Camphor can also be produced synthetically from vinyl chloride and cyclopentadiene, passing through the intermediate dehydronorbornyl chloride. However, Evil Bone Water only uses Camphor from natural wood sources.

Zhang Nao: Natural Camphor is a fascinating herb. The synthetic version can be toxic. However, our natural version of Camphor in Evil Bone Water is much safer. It takes over double the amount of natural Camphor to become toxic. The toxicity of synthetic Camphor occurs at 2g for adults and 1g for kids. While the natural Camphor we use is much safer, the entire bottle of EBW only contains 1.8g of Zhang Nao (natural Camphor).

Camphor is absolutely safe when used topically. However, ingesting Camphor is dangerous.

Additionally, there have been some reports of Camphor intoxication in infants when Camphor is applied to their nostrils. Women must take special care when using Camphor during pregnancy because Camphor crosses the placental barrier. In addition, children who have a history of febrile convulsions or other predisposing factors for convulsions should avoid using Camphor.

In conclusion, Camphor in the form of a camphorated topical in Evil Bone Water can be safely used at the proposed dosages, on the indicated patient’s target, for topical application.

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Is Menthol Safe?

Mint and menthol are safe when used topically but can be dangerous when taken internally at high dosages. Menthol can impart systemic toxic effects; this has been demonstrated in animal models and humans, either by those consuming menthol at high dosages or breathing it in for longer than 60 minutes. It can also cause overheating when used as a cooling method for someone overheated.

Best, Russ. “Mint and Menthol: A Review of Potential Health Benefits and wider Human effects.” (2022).

Is Ethanol or Alcohol Safe?

Alcohol-based topicals are safe even under heavy-use conditions. Ethanol is widely used in topical applications, and users seldom report experiencing adverse effects. The most common side effect is dry skin or skin irritations. In addition, if there is an open cut, ethanol will increase the stinging sensation.

The topical application of 10% ethanol stimulates the proliferation of skin and positively influences the stimulation of wound healing. In addition, studies show that using ethanol on the skin increases blood vessel dilation. The ethanol also breaks down lipid or skin oils which can enhance hydration because of increased cutaneous permeability to alcohol.

Decreased skin oil also lowers the skin barrier function and makes the membrane more permeable. This action explains how ethanol helps other herbs penetrate the skin.

Maier, Andrew, et al. “Safety assessment for ethanol-based topical antiseptic use by health care workers: evaluation of developmental toxicity potential.” Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology 73.1 (2015): 248-264.

How Will Evil Bone Water Help Me?

One of the central questions I am asked is, “How will Evil Bone Water help me?” EBW is a topical analgesic that reduces inflammation (swelling), muscle soreness, and particularly “itis” inflammations, such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Plantar Fasciitis, or Bursitis inflammation. It will also treat other types of pain from sports and accidental injuries, like sprains, muscle cramps, insect bites, contact dermatitis (poison oak, sumac, and ivy), broken bones, and bruises.

Evil Bone Water's Efficacy Based on Depth of Injury

An important factor when assessing pain is determining whether that injury is topical or superficial. The more superficial something is, the better results you’ll get with a topical analgesic. If the wound is very deep, EBW must work harder to penetrate through several layers of tissue, including your skin layer and cutaneous facial tissues, before it is absorbed into your muscles. If you have an injury underneath the muscle, Evil Bone Water must go even deeper.

The more superficial something is, the better results you’ll get with a topical analgesic. This is also why topical EBW can be so soothing for inflamed and itchy skin-like bug bites. A lot of damage to the tendons and ligaments, such as the hands, elbows, neck, ankles, and feet, can be very superficial. All of these are good for treatment with EBW, but deep areas, like abdominal pain and hip issues, would not benefit as much from EBW.

It is also important to note that Evil Bone Water is alcohol-based and disinfectant. Therefore, it will burn and sting when applied to open wounds.

What Does Evil Bone Water Help With?

Evil Bone Water is an external use-only analgesic that promotes good circulation, helps ease pain, decreases inflammation, and strengthens connective tissues.

As the name suggests, it helps heal bones and shorten the recovery time of fractures’ e. If you have a broken bone, first apply EBW to an area of unbroken skin above the break for immediate pain relief. Then doctors can set the bone back into place at the hospital.

Evil Bone Water is useful to have on hand, especially if you play sports. It is well-known among athletes and martial artists and is often prescribed for fractures, bruises, and sprains in sports medicine.

Anyone can benefit from Evil Bone Water. Its rapid, deep-penetrating healing properties can relieve chronic muscle and bone tissues, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis.

Zheng Xie Gu Shui (Evil Bone Water) works fast for elderly patients that bruise easily. It not only heals the bruise quickly but also improves blood circulation.

Evil Bone Water truly heals injuries. It does not just temporarily relieve symptoms of pain and inflammation. EBW has powerful healing properties that are beneficial to everyone.

Evil Bone Water (Zheng Gu Shui) is a very strong Chinese medicinal topical commonly used for:

  • Sports and accidental injuries
  • Sprains
  • Muscle cramps
  • Insect bites
  • Contact dermatitis – poison oak, sumac, and ivy
  • Broken bones
  • Bruises
  • Mild topical anesthetic

Does Evil Bone Water Help With GI Problems?

Methanol and Camphor are effective muscle relaxers. As a result, applying Evil Bone Water to the abdomen helps alleviate stomach or menstrual cramps.

Does Evil Bone Water Help With Breathing Problems?

Apply Evil Bone Water near the nose and upper chest to relax muscles in the upper respiratory tract. Treatments with EBW result in sensations of increased nasal potency and the ability to breathe easier.

Does Evil Bone Water Help with Headaches?

Migraines are thought to be caused by problems with nerves in the trigeminal region and cranial nerves at the base of the neck. Soothe migraine pain by applying Evil Bone Water to three areas of the head: the right temple, the left temple, and the depression in front of your ear created by opening your jaw. Keep EBW out of your eyes.

Headaches can also be caused by irritation of the cranial nerves. These nerves travel superficially on the scalp and then go deeper at the occiput or base of the neck. As a result, applying EBW at the base of your neck is very helpful for those suffering from Headaches.

How Often Should I Apply Evil Bone Water?

The top mistake EBW users make is applying it incorrectly. Evil Bone Water needs to soak into your skin. Removing it or showering too early after application will stop it from working. In addition, EBW needs to be used frequently. It is recommended to apply it 2 times a day. If your skin becomes dry or irritated, you are using too much product.

How Do I Apply Evil Bone Water?

Soak With EBW
You can put EBW into a tub. Begin with hot water, then add EBW to it. Soak your hands or feet using this method. Do not bathe in EBW.

Cotton Ball
Apply Evil Bone Water topically 2x a day with a cotton ball. Make sure to rub it in fully. Place the cotton ball between your fingers and then rub it on the area. Avoid squeezing the cotton ball with your fingertips. You will lose valuable EBW as it drips out of the cotton ball. Instead, pinch the cotton ball between the webbing of your fingers and lightly rub it onto the area. If you want to apply more, you can add a couple more cotton balls between the webbing of your fingers.

Apply Evil Bone Water as a spritz for bug repellant or for a milder healing effect. After that, you can simply use a spray bottle. It is alcohol-based and dries quickly. It is recommended to fan the area before putting your clothes on to prevent staining.

Wrap It
Apply EBW as a compress to kill bacteria and treat post-insect bites. Evil Bone Water is especially effective for tick bites. Compress 1-2 times daily for 30 minutes to 2 hours. Be careful not to cover it with plastic wrap for too long. It is important to let the compress breathe. Soak cotton balls and pin them to the area before wrapping. This extra step will help Evil Bone Water soak in more.

Wrap Instructions

  • 1. Moisten a gauze pad, cotton ball, or piece of flannel with EBW. You’ll want it saturated but not dripping.
  • 2. Apply it to the affected area and allow it to absorb fully for 30-90 minutes.
  • 3. Limiting movement is best, so watch TV, browse Facebook, read a book, or pay your bills while it absorbs.
  • 4. Enjoy quick relief.

Tip: EBW will stain, so be cautious of where it comes in contact.

Evil Bone Water and Blood Circulation?

EBW absorbs through the skin and tiny capillaries. Therefore, the more blood circulation you can get to the area before application, the quicker Evil Bone Water will absorb. There are several ways to increase blood circulation to the injury site. However, the easiest way is heat. Take a hot shower and apply EBW after your shower. Another option is to rub the area until it gets nice and red. Red is a sign of vasodilation and means blood circulation has increased.

Additional methods to increase blood circulation include foam rolling, massages, cupping, and suction cups. In the clinic, I use compression guns that create vasodilation through vibration.


Using Evil Bone Water or Zheng Xie Gui Shui has many benefits! It is a powerful topical that stops pain, reduces inflammation, and accelerates healing. Zheng Xie Gui Shui has a rich history in traditional Chinese Medicine. Now, as more practitioners prescribe natural remedies for pain-related traumas and illnesses, they recommend Evil Bone Water.

Don’t let pain stop you from living your life to the fullest. We can’t wait for you to experience the healing process of Evil Bone Water. Click here to buy a bottle now.

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Evil Bone Water (Zheng Gu Shui) is a Chinese topical medicinal hand-crafted with only empirical grade herbal ingredients in an approved facility.

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