Corydalis: A Revolution in Holistic Pain Relief

Corydalis Relief Salve is a traditional Chinese medicinal treatment for topical pain relief. It works to manage all types of pain, including chronic conditions, neuropathic symptoms, inflammation, and circulation.

Corydalis Relief Salve is a traditional Chinese medicinal treatment for topical pain relief. It works to manage all types of pain, including chronic conditions, neuropathic symptoms, inflammation, and circulation.

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What is Corydalis?

Corydalis (traditional name: Yan Hu Suo) is a natural remedy for pain relief. It is a member of the Poppy (Papaveraceae) family of plants. Corydalis interacts with opiate and dopamine receptor sites to reduce pain. Unlike prescription pain medication, Corydalis is non-addictive, has no adverse side effects for topical use, and users will not test positive for opiate use.

We have cultivated a premium formulation of Corydalis to support pain relief, tissue recovery, and inflammation reduction. Corydalis Salve Relief has a soft floral scent that is not overwhelming like other topical ointments. Complementary herbs have been combined and added to provide a synergistic formula that may support your pain management needs.

How Does Corydalis Work?

Corydalis interacts with pain receptors to safely and naturally provide relief. It directly affects the central nervous system to treat chronic pain, inflammation, and poor circulation. Corydalis calms overactive and painful nerves. As a result, Corydalis Salve Relief is ideal for managing neuropathic pain.

Benefits of Using Corydalis

Our salve provides all of Corydalis’ benefits, including the following:

  • 2-8 hours of soothing pain relief
  • Pain management treatment of chronic pain conditions, including arthritis and neuropathy
  • Non-addictive, safe, and all-natural formula
  • A calming floral scent that isn’t overwhelming
  • It targets the same pain receptors as prescription pain pills without the risks and harmful side effects
  • Formulas do not contain THC or CBD
  • Safe for use by people who need pain relief at work and are required to pass drug tests

Who Should Use Corydalis Pain Relief?

Corydalis in topical form is effective for all types of pain relief. The combined botanical compounds may provide a pain relief solution for those struggling with addiction, chronic pain, or acute discomfort. Unlike prescription medications or other supplements that include THC in their formulations, Corydalis contains no addictive ingredients. The gentle formula composition and soothing scent are agreeable to most adults and children. Corydalis supplements work for all types of pain relief. It calms nerves, reduces inflammation, and improves circulation, making Corydalis perfect for pain management. However, the unique formulation relieves pain commonly experienced by cancer patients, diabetics, and the elderly. In addition, the gentle formula composition and soothing scent are agreeable to most people.

As a non-addictive sustenance, Corydalis is a great pain relief solution for those struggling with addiction. Unlike prescription medications or other supplements that include THC in their formulations, Corydalis contains no addictive ingredients.

The Pain Relief Power Combo: Corydalis Salve and Evil Bone Water

Take advantage of the synergistic effect of our two bestselling topical ointments for ultimate pain relief. Corydalis Relief Salve and Evil Bone Water are like the Yin and Yang of pain relief. Each topical works in separate yet complementary ways in managing pain. First, apply Evil Bone Water for fast and powerful pain relief. It will immediately soothe symptoms. Then, apply Corydalis Relief Salve for a longer-lasting, soothing effect.

Choose Corydalis Relief Salve and Evil Bone Water to eradicate any physical discomforts.

Evil Bone Water Benefits

  • Opens up pores for quick absorption
  • Intense stimulation with natural menthol and camphor
  • Natural pain-relieving compounds move blood faster, speeds healing, and decreases inflammation
  • Alcohol base

Corydalis Relief Salve Benefits

  • Soothes skin for prolonged absorption
  • Gentle stimulation with Corydalis, lavender, frankincense, and myrrh
  • Natural pain-relieving compounds activate dopamine and opiate receptors to decrease pain.
  • Coconut oil, Shea Butter and Beeswax base

Discovering Corydalis

I work with many patients in my clinic who need topical pain relief but can’t tolerate regular over-the-counter treatments like Icy Hot. The chilly feeling of typical ointments is uncomfortable for people with poor circulation. In addition, most have a potent smell that can be overpowering.

One of my dear friends underwent cancer treatment and struggled with pain in her hands and feet from chemotherapy. Her circulation was poor, causing coldness in her extremities. Like many patients, she couldn’t tolerate traditional pain relief ointments. The smell sickened her, and the icy feeling was too much for her cold feet.

This woman was kind and gentle. But unfortunately, she had already suffered so much from exhaustive cancer treatments, and I wanted to find a solution that eased her pain. And so I began my search for the perfect topical: gentle enough for sensitive users but powerful enough to treat neuropathy and arthritis.

I discovered Corydalis Relief Salve. It has a soft floral scent with no cooling effect. Most importantly, it provides soothing relief for all types of pain. Corydalis Relief Salve worked wonders for my dear friend. As a result, I brought this powerful formula to my practice to share with the rest of my patients.

The History of Corydalis in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Corydalis is a perennial herb native to most Asian countries. The first reported uses of a Corydalis painkiller date back to 618 AD and has been used for over 1,100 years as an analgesic agent in traditional Chinese medicine. Corydalis was initially prescribed to treat various forms of stasis, poor blood circulation, and pain relief.

Now, combinations of Corydalis herbs are given to patients struggling with chest, abdominal, and menstrual pain. It is also recommended to treat inflammation, depression, bacterial infections, and more. Corydalis Relief Salve is a staple ointment in traditional Chinese medicine and continues to provide pain relief to millions worldwide.

Doctors Recommend Corydalis for Topical Pain Relief

I sat down with Eliz Britton, DTCM, the CEO of Botanical EZ, LLC, to learn about her experience with Corydalis Relief Salve and why she considers it an essential traditional Chinese medicinal treatment.

Why did you start making Corydalis Relief Salve?

I started making Corydalis to help manage my pain and discomfort more naturally. When I was 16, I experienced a sports injury requiring back surgery two years later. At that time, I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and early-onset arthritis. I was on a long list of narcotics and pain medications to help me get through the day, and I didn’t like how I functioned on them. My body can no longer tolerate ibuprofen due to the large dosages I was prescribed as a teenager, so I was left with seeking some sort of medical intervention every time I had an issue with my injury. Decades later, I still found this massive gap in my pain management regimen. I began playing with Corydalis in 2018 to see if I could create an intermediate relief option to add to my self-care routine.

Why weren’t other topical pain relief products working for you?

The side effects. Not just the obvious ones like disorientation, nausea, and drowsiness, but the limitations of how often I could use them and how they smelled. Many prescribed and OTC drugs used to manage inflammation and pain also wreak havoc on your physical organs over time. I am unwilling to accept that my physical body needs to be jeopardized to manage my pain and discomfort successfully. The majority of topical products that are available for anti-inflammatory actions or pain relief smell terrible! I smelled like a cheap camphor factory trying to run errands. People knew I was in some kind of pain because they could just smell me, and that affected my social life negatively.

What specific results have you seen since using Corydalis Relief Salve?

The biggest results I have personally experienced are a reduction in nerve and joint pain, inflammation reduction, faster recovery from exercise and physical therapy sessions, the ability to perform everyday errands with less discomfort, and easing menstrual pain. In addition, I can do more activities with less pain and recover faster from musculoskeletal issues. Experiencing these results has increased the way I enjoy my life. Other Clinicians have reported using this product for various manifestations and injuries that involve the nervous system, joint issues, and acute or chronic musculoskeletal concerns.

How does a Cordydalis supplement work?

Corydalis (aka Yan Hu Sou) contains high concentrations of alkaloids (mainly Dehydrocorydaline) and berberine. Dehydrochorydaline attaches to Dopamine and Opiate receptors to inhibit pain and relieve pain without creating an addiction. It does this by avoiding Dopamine receptors 2 and 4 (responsible for cravings) and instead stimulates and attaches to Dopamine receptors 1,3, and 5. Receptors 1,3, and 5 allow you to experience relief but are also the shutoff buttons for craving and wanting more Corydalis. The high concentrations of berberine support reducing inflammation in various tissues. The other plants and oils in the Relief Salve also contain compounds that help support the two main functions of Corydalis. The most notable helper in the formula is Copaiba which stimulates Cannabinoid (CBD) receptors in the same way as hemp.

Can you name 2-3 things that make your products stand out?

Contains no CBD, THC camphor or menthol. It has a pleasing light floral

How has it affected your life?

For starters, I have shifted my career from practicing in a clinic to brewing plants and procuring high-quality ingredients! As a result, I can function better as a mom, a wife, and a human because I can manage my pain easily. Saving money on Doctor’s office copays and prescriptions have also been a huge bonus. I am grateful to be able to make an impact in this area of health and wellness, and I see myself continuing to make this product for the rest of my life.

What type of person or patient would you recommend Corydalis Relief Salve to, and why?

I recommend this product to anyone old or young because pain management looks different for everyone. If you are looking for a natural option for relief, this product provides a first line of support or can easily be integrated into an existing healthcare plan.

If you have a history of addiction or are concerned about becoming addicted to prescription medications, this product would be a good fit and worth trying.

Individuals who need pain relief on the job or get subjected to drug screenings could also safely use this product. Four years ago, I ingested Corydalis and covered myself in salve; then had a urinalysis and labs drawn to see if I tested positive for opiates or any other drugs. All tests came back clear. If you can not afford to continue investing in CBD products or find that they do not work for you, the plant combinations in our salve may give you a different experience for relief.

Buy Corydalis Relief Salve Today!

If you don’t like strong medicinal smells or menthol and camphor cooling sensations, then this is the product for you. I have found this product to work exceptionally well for diabetics or cancer-induced peripheral neuropathy.

Combine the synergistic effect of our two best-selling topicals. They work together in separate but complementary ways to quickly eliminate your pain. These two products are the Yin and Yang of pain relief!

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