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Hugh Turcotte, Create of Red Emperor's Immortal Flame

Hugh M. Turcotte, L.Ac., Dipl. O.M. is a licensed acupuncturist and clinical herbalist who serves as the Clinical Director at Waterfield Wellness, located in Woburn, Massachusetts. With a passion for Chinese Medicine and a dedication to helping others, Hugh has spent years honing his skills and knowledge in the field of natural health and wellness.

As part of his commitment to providing effective and high-quality products for his patients, Hugh is also the producer of Red Emperor’s Immortal Flame Liniment, a topical pain relief product made from a unique combination of high-quality Chinese herbs. With a focus on natural ingredients and an unwavering commitment to quality, this Turcotte Family Formula has helped many individuals find relief from chronic pain and discomfort.

Why did you start making Red Emperor’s Immortal Flame Liniment?

My initial education in health therapies was from my mentor and uncle, Sifu Tom Turcotte DOM, someone who has dedicated the better part of 60 years to discovering first hand the limits of human potential. Spoiler alert- he hasn’t found a limit yet. I was 26 years old, my college football and wrestling days were over, and one day I couldn’t stand up and walk across my bedroom. My ever-wise mom said over the phone, “You better call Tom.” I did, and he sent me to one of his former Tui Na (Chinese Medical Massage) students for a treatment. For the next decade Sifu Turcotte hit me right between the eyes with a boatload of qigong, diet, and herbs. He taught me the importance of keeping a positive mental set in any circumstance and how to manage my own energy system with high reward and low risk.

Eventually I decided to abandon my public accounting career and take the plunge to get a formal education in Chinese Medicine and make this adopted lifestyle a livelihood. As I neared the end of my Masters program, my wife was 6 months pregnant with our first child. My uncle understood I would be both opening a practice and starting a family in the same month. Knowing I had invested all my resources into my Chinese Medicine education and imagining that I would need an additional source of income to support my growing family, he gifted me two external-use family formulas that he originally developed and used in his martial arts training and later adapted for use in his clinic. Red Emperor’s Immortal Flame is one of them. My part was and still is today, to produce it to the exacting standards of a kung fu grandmaster and to help as many people on the planet with it as I can.

I always say I’ll keep making it as long as it keeps helping people. With any product that you put on or in your body, trust is a big part of the decision to use it. Through my informal training with my uncle, I became uncompromising with what goes in and on my body. From Sodium Laureth Sulfate in hair products to the ungodly excitotoxins in our food supply to off-gassing formaldehydes in carpet glue, I awakened to the fact that grocery stores and department stores are mine fields of chemicals which in the doses intended by manufacturers, are unfit for human contact. So when it came to putting my own product out into the public sphere, I envisioned a domestically-produced world-class topical pain product made with unreasonable patience, care, and high quality ingredients, and an inspiring story behind it.

The REIF mission is not only focused on the end user, but on practitioners and business owners. “A rising tide raises all ships.” Manufacturing a unique topical product that offers unmatched value and making it available through my colleagues’ clinics and businesses (as opposed to a simple centralized website or selling on Amazon) fulfills my mission of maximizing the impact of REIF on the vitality of my profession across the country.

What makes Red Emperor’s Immortal Flame Liniment stand out from other products like Zheng Gu Shui?

Red Emperor’s Immortal Flame shines brightest when addressing chronic pain due to blood stasis with cold underneath. No other product addresses this particular combination with equal effect. Does it address pain from Wind-Cold-Damp exposure? Yes. Does is address pain from acute overuse with microinjuries to joints and soft tissue? Yes. Will it help in cases of traumatic injury to soft tissue? Yes. The therapeutic target is big. There are any number of applications, but the bullseye is where REIF becomes an absolutely indispensable tool in the toolbox of self care- lifting out stuck cold from deep tissue while simultaneously promoting local circulation, reducing inflammatory processes and stopping pain.

What specific results have you seen since using Red Emperor’s Immortal Flame Liniment?

When Tom initially passed the formula down to me, I’ll be honest- although his character, training, lineage, and accomplishments speak for themselves (tomturcotte.com), and he is my father’s brother, I still needed to prove to myself that this formula was unique in its class. First I innovated and spent 3 months developing a salve version of this product, then I began using both versions in my own clinic. Here are some results for which I have testimonials:

An 85 year old woman with OA who doesn’t know how she will be able to get off her couch to entertain company this weekend? Pain went from 8/10 to 1/10 and stayed there for 4 days with a single application of REIF. She seemed like a very nice lady, but I was new at this and wasn’t sure if I believed her. I think she was honest because she demanded that I sell her “a bottle of that stuff”.

What makes this products stand out?

Every ingredient in REIF is certified organic. While I only list three of the ingredients on the label, all three that are listed are listed as organic and I will freely show my certs to anyone who asks. I go the extra mile for the cleanest, purest, most natural and unadulterated ingredients because that’s how I was taught to make it and because it’s the right thing to do. I’m not going to ask someone to put something on their body (and which ends up in their body) unless I can unequivocally say it is safe. I don’t want my name or my uncle’s name associated with anything but the highest quality. Ultimately we want the Turcotte family name, if it means anything to anybody, to be synonymous with a world-class product made with heart-centered service and uncompromising attention to detail.

REIF provides a near-instant proof of concept. Patients will feel it work within minutes. The warming sensation begins after 3 minutes. At 25 minutes, the circulation-promoting effect kicks in. That’s when the good stuff happens. I can’t use the word “healing” due to FDA label requirements, but patients can and have.

Because of its potency, REIF is in fact very economical. A very small amount goes a long way. In one 30ml bottle of liniment, there are over 500 drops. At a liberal dosage of 6-8 drops per application, that’s between 60 and 80+ applications from a single bottle. If someone has chronic pain in their knee, hip, neck, back, etc., and they apply REIF daily for two months, that tissue will be changed. Cumulative benefit over time (not just symptom relief) has been reported consistently by users. Because of the local circulation-promoting effect, consistent use on affected joints and muscle actually changes the tissue.

About Dr. Tom Turcotte DOM, the Originator of Red Emperor’s Immortal Flame

Red Emperor’s Immortal Flame is a Turcotte Family Formula that was developed by Sifu Dr. Tom Turcotte DOM out of necessity to help him continue training Kung Fu at a very high level, day after day, decade after decade. He later adapted it for clinical use in his Chinese Medicine practice before passing the formula on to Hugh M. Turcotte, L.Ac., Dipl. O.M. of Waterfield Wellness.

Tom Turcotte is a doctor of Oriental medicine, acupuncturist, and herbalist with over 50 years of experience in the field of natural health and wellness. Tom’s has receieved an Acupuncture Degree from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a Certificate in Orthopedics and Traumatology from Longhua Hospital in Shanghai. He has dedicated his life to exploring the limits of human potential and helping others achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

Tom’s journey in natural health and wellness began in the early 1970s, when he began studying martial arts and meditation. This led him to explore the principles of Chinese Medicine, which he has spent decades studying and refining. Tom’s teachings and insights have helped countless individuals achieve better health and vitality.

In addition to his work as a practitioner, Tom is also an accomplished teacher. He has published numerous books and articles on Chinese Medicine and martial arts, and he has taught seminars and workshops throughout the United States and around the world. Tom (along with his teacher Dr. Yong Shou Dong) co-produced the very first English language instructional Tui Na video designed for professional bodyworkers and Acupuncturists. Learn more at http://tomturcotte.com/news.html. His website, tomturcotte.com, serves as a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning more about Chinese Medicine, martial arts, and natural health and wellness.

Whether you’re seeking relief from chronic pain, looking to improve your athletic performance, or simply want to achieve better health and wellbeing, Tom Turcotte’s decades of experience and expertise can help guide you on your journey. Visit tomturcotte.com to learn more and discover the transformative power of Chinese Medicine.

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