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Evil Bone Water, a leading health and wellness company known for its high-quality topical linaments, has been gaining immense traction in recent years. The mastermind behind this unprecedented success is Master Maker Mark Brinson. Today, we sit down with Mark to discuss his journey, the brand’s growth, and what the future holds for Evil Bone Water.

Q: Can you tell us what's new at Evil Bone Water?

A: Absolutely! Recently, we’ve welcomed my son, Braeden Brinson, to the team, keeping with the tradition of passing down the formula from generation to generation. This move marks another important step in solidifying Evil Bone Water as a true legacy business.

Evil Bone WAter Zheng Gu Shui Maker Mark Brinson

Q: Your business has been experiencing substantial growth. Can you share some details?

A: Yes, we’ve seen fantastic growth. Our focus remains on our core clientele – Acupuncture Physicians. But we’re not stopping there.

Q: We've heard there's a big announcement about Evil Bone Water. Can you share more about this?

A: Absolutely, this is something we’re very excited about! Evil Bone Water is now officially a VA Medical Center Vendor. This means we can be carried and prescribed to veterans in need, a population we’ve always aimed to help.

There are 171 major hospitals with Acus and in-house pharmacies, plus an additional 1100 minor VA pharmacies where our product can now be available. Our dream is that this development drives more and more patients to clinics for both our bottles and treatment. 

From the start, we designed Evil Bone Water to be an emissary of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) – the strongest possible and very safe. We aimed to create something that gives the user an impactful response and a solid impression of our medicine. 

Now, we’re about to reach a huge and untapped population. Veterans are a community that are truly opinionated and, based on their experiences with Evil Bone Water, we believe they’ll be our biggest advocates. 

We’re thrilled about this development and look forward to helping more people, especially our veterans who have served our nation. Watch this space – there’s more to come!

Q: How is the manufacturing process going?

A: We’re currently maxed out, producing 100-150 gallons every 10 days, boiling five vats at a time. But we’re not complacent. We’ve got a new building slated for completion this summer with custom-designed vats that will streamline the entire brewing process. These multi-function vats will allow us to expand effortlessly, simply by adding one new vat at a time.

These aren’t the Exact Vats but we are designing and making the prototype now

Q: Can you share your daily routine with us?

A: Of course! I start my day treating patients, then head to the gym at 9 am. Post-workout, I shift to the warehouse, overseeing operations until 2 pm before transitioning to paperwork. It’s a rigorous routine, but it keeps everything running smoothly.

Evil Bone WAter Zheng Gu Shui ingredient Mark Brinson Lifting

A: In the next 2-3 years, we aim to double or even triple our sales and start manufacturing our own alcohol, positioning ourselves as an East Coast distributor for alcohol makers. Looking ten years ahead, I envision this as a family business, with my son and daughter working alongside me.

Q: How does the business look different now vs. when you first started?

A: It’s completely transformed. I never anticipated becoming the CEO of a major manufacturing company. Some of the biggest lessons I’ve learned along the way include the importance of planning to scale, ordering products well in advance, and avoiding supply chain issues by ordering 6 to 12 months ahead.

Evil Bone WAter Zheng Gu Shui IN Boxes

Q: Which other topicals do you use besides Evil Bone Water?

A: I’m a big fan of EBW, but I also use Po Sum On, Dr Bobs, Red Emporer Immortal Flame, and Emily’s Skin Soothers. Each has its unique benefits, and I use them depending on the need.

Q: How do you decide to use one product over the other?

A: I often use EBW for most things as a prep. It seems to make whatever you apply afterward much better, changing skin permeability, or amplifying the effects. It all depends on the issue and the depth of penetration needed.

Q: How do topicals work? And how do you explain it to patients?

A: Essentially, topicals deliver potent herbs without having to go through your digestive system. They are highly effective and allow patients to actively participate in their treatment.

Q: Has using topicals made your clinic run better and easier?

A: Absolutely! Giving patients the ‘homework’ of using topicals empowers them and makes treatments last longer. It’s like giving them tools they wouldn’t have had otherwise,

A s Mark explained that sometimes waiting 2-7 days between treatments is too long for optimal results. By prescribing this low-effort yet impactful homework, patients can maintain their progress and even extend the benefits of their treatment.

Moving Forward

As we close this fascinating discussion with Master Maker Mark Brinson, we’re inspired by Evil Bone Water’s innovative spirit and relentless drive. This exceptional brand combines traditional wisdom with modern science to offer a game-changing solution in the health and wellness sphere. Whether you’re an Acupuncture Physician or an individual seeking a safe, effective, and high-quality topical linament, Evil Bone Water is your go-to option.


So why wait? Embrace the power of Traditional Chinese Medicine and become a part of this remarkable journey that is transforming lives across the globe. explore the unique range of products and witness the magic of Evil Bone Water for yourself. Your journey towards improved health and well-being starts here.

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