A more harmonious life through microbiomes

Microgard Plus from Botanical Biohacking

What most doctors are missing is that trillions of bacteria, viruses, and fungi make up your microbiomes. These tiny ecosystems influence your healthy immune system and hormone balance. Most people look at killing strategies when they should be looking at it more like cultivating a healthy garden. This is because self-cultivation begins with cultivating your microbiome gardens. This is also the key to optimizing your brain.

Traditional Chinese herbal medicines (like MicroGuard Plus) not only have direct chemical effects, they also have indirect actions to modulate the body through cultivating the microbiomes.

Acupuncture also plays a role in cultivating your microbiome. The Oxford Academic Journal of Inflammatory Bowel Disease states, acupuncture has demonstrated beneficial roles in the regulation of gut dysbiosis, intestinal barrier dysfunction, visceral hypersensitivity, gut motor function, depression/anxiety, and pain. This explains how acupuncture and herbs are so effective at making you feel better.

Chinese medicine doctors have actively worked to balance these microbiomes for thousands of years and have developed it into a highly sophisticated art and science. They discovered that the key to developing a more harmonious life starts with your microbiome and cultivating an internal garden.

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