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The Ultimate Warm-up Email Series

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An exercise routine built for every body.
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Six simple, low-intensity activities for less pain, less risk, and more comfort in your body.

Over two weeks, we’ll send you a video every other day with an easy, low-intensity exercise alternative.

People who benefit the most:

  • People who want long-term relief and suffer from chronic pain or illness.
  • People who want increased mood stability to counter anxiety and/or depression.
  • People who want increased energy and renewed sleeping satisfaction.
  • People who value anti-stress movements and skin detoxification.

Exercise doesn’t have to be intimidating. That’s why Will Sheppy, licensed acupuncturist (LAc) and founder of Valley Health Clinic, created this video series of easy exercise alternatives that anyone can do.

Better circulation, less pain, a balanced nervous system, and increased bone and muscle health are just a few of the benefits of a daily exercise routine, and The Ultimate Warm-Up is built for every body.

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