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Tendon Mending Salve

Effective Recovery from Chronic Tendon and Ligament Injuries
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Product Details

Tendon Mending Jiao is a specialized herbal formula designed for the effective treatment of chronic tendon and ligament injuries, such as tendonitis and joint sprains. This unique blend is particularly renowned for addressing stubborn cases of tendonitis, providing relief and aiding in recovery. Crafted with the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, it embodies the essence of the Wood Element, correlating with spring, the season of renewal and healing.

Product Details

  • Volume: 2 fluid ounces
  • Total Weight: 4 oz
  • Handcrafted in: Oregon, USA
  • Salve: Organic coconut oil, beeswax

Unique Benefits

Targeted Relief for Tendonitis and Ligament Sprains: Specifically formulated to soothe and repair chronic tendon and ligament issues.

Pre and Post-Activity Application: Ideal for use before and after physical activities to enhance tendon and ligament flexibility and strength.

Warming Formula: Generates warmth in the sinews, promoting increased blood flow and healing to the affected areas. It’s important to note that this warming property makes it unsuitable for use immediately after an injury.

Key Ingredient – Gu Sui Bu (Drynaria):

Bone and Ligament Healing Properties: In traditional Chinese medicine, Gu Sui Bu is revered as a “mender of shattered bones,” known for its potent healing effects on bones and connective tissues.

Our Craftsmanship

At Fu Medicinal, we pride ourselves on our meticulous, small-batch production. Our liniments and balms are handmade in Oregon, using organic and locally-sourced ingredients wherever possible. The herbs are traditionally crushed by hand with mortar and pestle, starting an infusion process that maximizes their medicinal properties. The alcohol for our jiao infusions is distilled at the base of Mount Hood, further ensuring the purity and potency of our products.

Targeted Relief for Specific Ailments

Fu Medicinal is not about one-size-fits-all solutions. Our products are designed to address specific levels of bodily damage and systems, following the principles of Chinese Medicine. Whether you have a medical diagnosis or are seeking relief based on your symptoms, our range offers targeted choices for your unique condition.

Usage and Safety

Application: Massage into the affected area with fingertips or a cotton ball several times per day. For prolonged absorption, apply with a soaked gauze or cotton ball and tape over the area.

**Disclaimer**: For external use only. Avoid sensitive areas and keep away from children. Consult a doctor if pregnant or potentially pregnant.

Allergen Information

We understand the importance of allergen awareness. Our products share space and production equipment, so please check our full list of ingredients if you have known allergies to specific medicinal herbs. While adverse reactions are rare, your safety is our priority.

Ingredients List

  • Ai Ye – Mugwort
  • Bai Zhu – Atractylodes
  • Bo He – Mint
  • Cao Wu – Radix Aconiti
  • Chuan Wu – Radix Aconiti Preparata
  • Da Huang – Rhubarb Root
  • Dan Shen – Salvia Miltiorrhiza
  • Dang Gui Pian – Chinese Angelica Slice
  • Dang Gui Wei – Chinese Angelica Tail
  • Ding Xiang – Clove
  • E Zhu – Zedoary Rhizome
  • Gan Cao – Licorice Root
  • Gan Jiang – Dried Ginger
  • Gu Sui Bu – Drynaria Rhizome
  • Gui Pi – Angelica Root
  • Gui Zhi – Cinnamon Twig
  • Hong Hua – Safflower
  • Hua Jiao – Sichuan Pepper
  • Lu Lu Tong – Liquidambar Resin
  • Mo Yao – Myrrh
  • Rou Gui – Cinnamon Bark
  • Ru Xiang – Frankincense
  • Tao Ren – Peach Kernel
  • Wei Ling Xian – Clematis
  • Xing Ren – Apricot Kernel
  • Xue Jie – Dragon’s Blood
  • Xu Dan Zi Ran Tong,
  • Zhang Nao – Camphor
  • Zhi Zi – Gardenia Fruit
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