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Instructional Guide: The Ultimate Warm-Up with Vasomotion

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This guide will reveal six simple, low-intensity activities for less pain, less risk, and more comfort in your body.

This guide was written to explain microcirculation and vasomotion. After reading this guide, you will understand the different ways in which these processes affect you and how you can affect them.

Microcirculation is a powerful indicator of health. When it is functioning well, our bodies have access to all supplies they need and they can easily get rid of the waste products it doesn’t. When microcirculation becomes impaired through lifestyle or disease, we can find ourselves feeling awful without really understanding why.

People who benefit the most:

  • People who want long-term relief and suffer from chronic pain or illness.
  • People who want increased mood stability to counter anxiety and/or depression.
  • People who want increased energy and renewed sleeping satisfaction.
  • People who value anti-stress movements and skin detoxification.
Want a fully guided way to achieve your health goals? We offer a complete video series that will guide you step-by-step through and the entire program with expert Will Sheppy. See the video here:
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