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Silverdome Gardens CBD: Natural Pain Relief & Skin Care

Introducing Silverdome Garden CBD Body Butter, a unique 4oz. blend of pain relief and skincare and CBD Massage Oil, the perfect product to enhance your therapeutic practice with customizable pain relief oil.

"Through the production of these beautiful plants, company founder Nathan Hill has seen first hand how well these CBD products help not only himself, but the people and animals around him. Nathan is now sharing this with the world by producing his own CBD infused products with the hemp we grow here on the farm. He truly believes that these products have a large positive impact on the lives of many."
Silverdome Gardens
Creator of Innovative Oregon CBD
Silverdome Gardens

Experience the perfect fusion of pain relief and skincare with Silverdome Garden CBD

We specifically chose this product for its unique whipped texture, which allows for easy mixing with our other topical liniments or direct application without the typical challenges of hard-to-apply CBD creams.

The body butter is crafted with high-quality, organic ingredients and infused with 400mg of full-spectrum CBD oil to provide targeted relief for aching muscles and joints, while simultaneously rejuvenating and nourishing your skin.

Elevate your acupuncture or healthcare practice with Silverdome Garden CBD Massage Oil. This unscented blend allows practitioners to integrate their preferred topical medicine, creating a personalized treatment experience for their clients and enhanced pain relief.

This massage oil is expertly formulated with high-quality, organic ingredients and infused with 100mg of CBD per ounce, providing targeted relief for sore muscles and aching joints in an 8oz. container with a convenient pump top.

Harness the power of CBD to target pain and inflammation

Silverdome Garden CBD Body Butter and Massage Oil harnesses the power of CBD to target pain and inflammation, offering soothing relief for your muscles and joints. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD work synergistically with our expertly crafted formula to deliver rapid, long-lasting results.

In addition to pain relief, this body butter and massage oil pampers your skin with luxurious hydration and nourishment. The rich, creamy formula glides on effortlessly, leaving your skin feeling soft, supple, and radiant. Organic shea butter, coconut oil, and sweet almond oil provide deep moisturization, while organic lavender essential oil imparts a calming scent.

Experience the perfect fusion of pain relief and skincare with Silverdome Garden CBD.

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What is CBD Body Butter and how can it help?

The Benefits of CBD from Silverdome Gardens

Want to learn more about CBD from the creators of these versatile products? Check out this article where we’ll look at the benefits of CBD body butter and talk about how it can be used to relieve troublesome symptoms (including pain) and do so in a natural way.

Here are the ingredients in Silverdome Garden's CBD Body Butter

Here are the ingredients in Silverdome Garden's CBD Massage Oil

CBD can also be layered with other topicals

Merging the capabilities of Evil Bone Water with CBD cream unlocks the full potential of CBD, providing targeted and efficient pain relief. Evil Bone Water prepares the skin for better absorption of the CBD, allowing it to penetrate deeper and offer pain relief for up to 2-3 hours longer.

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